How to book

Choose the boat you wish to book with the available requested dates.
A representative of our company will inform you directly about the prices corresponding to the requested season.
You can look for availabilities HERE.
After your reservation is confirmed via email, you will be sent the contract including all the details concerning your booking and voyages which you will be requested to fill in and sign.
Additionally, you will receive 2 certified off shore sailing diplomas for bareboat booking & a full description of the sailing experience you are going to have.
The booking contract is the definite confirmation on behalf of both parts, company and client, which includes all details of the booking: Dates, port of departure & arrival, port of call, total cost (VAT included), reductions, if they may apply, as well as the skipper fee if you request for one.

The crew list, download here, needs to be available to the company at least 20 days prior to the start of the trip. It is a document which includes the passengers names, passport numbers & nationality which is submitted to port authorities prior to sailing off any port.
After the contract is signed, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is to be made within one week, through bank transfer, or credit card (via a link which will be sent to you.)
The rest of 70% of the total amount, needs to be paid off within one month prior to the start of the trip, as described on the contract, through bank transfer or credit card (MASTERCARD or VISA) again via a link which will be sent to you.
In case of last minute booking, which is defined as one month prior to the requested date, the total cost(VAT included) of the booking needs to be paid off once the contract is signed.


The amount of 1,500E (euros) is withheld (through bank transfer or credit card) as a deposit, prior to the set of sailing by the charterer to the company as coverage from unpredictable damage or loss which is not covered by the boat insurance and is in the responsibility of the charterer.  It also covers for refusal of the charterer to return the boat to the pre-agreed port, as described on the contract.
The total amount of the warranty deposit is fully defunded, on the check out, on condition that no damage or loss has been caused on the boat.


The boat has full insurance coverage against boat, tools and equipment damage, as also against third-party responsibility. Please note that insurance does not  cover damage or loss of personal belongings, and injuries on bareboat sails.

Cancellation policy

The refundable amount due to cancellation is calculated based on how early is the cancellation requested. In case that the charterer wishes to resign from the contract, we offer the possibility of substitution of all crew by any other crew who can implement the same contract with the same dates and destination. In case of cancellation after the contract is signed,  and for a period of 90 days before set sail, the amount of 350€ is withheld

For cancellations  within 89th day and 60th  before set sail,  the  withheld amount will reach the 30% of the total price.

For cancellations up to 59 days before departure 50% of the total price will  be withheld.




Οur boat will  be granted to the charterer after their arrival on the port, under the terms of the contract. After arrival, a detailed tour will be arranged by a member of our company to all passengers.

The boat will be granted to you clean, with tanks full of water and fuel, as well as 2 gas bottles.

During check out, the amount of warranty is given back, withholding included, if applicable, under the terms of the contract. Total refund  of the warranty is effected in case of no damage or loss on the boat.

Also, for the sake of our schedule, one week ahead of departure, it should be known to our company the exact number of passengers, flight details and estimated date of arrival.


What to bring

We suggest you bring the following:

sunglasses, cd’s or USB stick for you music preferences, a hat, swimsuit, sunscreen( preferably cream and not oil), shoes appropriate for the deck (with white soles) sandals, shorts and t-shirts, a light jacket and casual clothes for your night walks on the islands. On the first and the last days of the summer, a raincoat  would be of use.

Prefer  soft bags and not hard trolley bags, due to lack of space. Also, the wheels of the trolley bag may destroy the wooden surfaces of the boat.

You do not need to bring any blankets or bed sheet with you.

Food and water supplies may be made little by little on every port you call.

Also, in case you have booked a bare boat voyage, you need to hold and thus show upon request, both to the company representative and port state control your original sailing diplomas.